Precautions for storage and use of plates


Precautions for storage and use of plates

First of all: the best humidity for board storage is 60%, and the temperature is - 25 ℃ - - 45 ℃.

Second, it should be strengthened; Plate products should be placed flat, avoid side, vertical. Long term side and vertical placement will cause warping, bending and deformation( For example, the warpage of the upper boards in a piece is different from the degree of moisture, and it can be placed in the opposite direction.)

Third: E0 grade products should not be stored together with other products with excessive formaldehyde content, so as to avoid being polluted by formaldehyde.

Fourth: board belongs to solid wood plywood, maintenance and maintenance can be carried out according to the following methods.

1. Do not store the product in too wet room to avoid the product becoming warped due to humidity, which not only affects the appearance, but also shortens the service life.

2. Laminate furniture should be placed in a place not exposed to the sun to avoid long-term exposure.

3. Attention to northern heating storage: when selecting the location, avoid contacting the heating and other hot sources, otherwise it will be heated and cracked, affecting the appearance.

4. Cleaning can be wiped with a soft wet cloth, should avoid blisters, accidentally soaked in water should be timely wiped dry.

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