Basic knowledge of LVL forward plate


Basic knowledge of LVL forward plate

1、 What is LVL forward plate?
LVL parallel plate is a kind of veneer made from log by rotary cutting or planing. After drying and gluing, the veneer is assembled according to the parallel grain or most of the parallel grain, and then glued by hot pressing. LVL has the structural characteristics of high strength, high toughness, good stability and specification * that are not found in solid wood sawn timber, which is 3 times higher than that of solid wood sawn timber in strength and toughness. LVL plate material can be the scar knot, crack, dispersion and other defects of wood, which greatly reduces the impact on the strength. It has stable quality, unified strength and less material variability. It is the most ideal structural material for LVL plate to replace solid wood; Size can be adjusted, not affected by wood shape and defects, up to 8.3 meters, thickness up to 150 mm, according to its wood status, arbitrary cutting, and then choose the size. The utilization rate of raw materials is as high as 100%; LVL and the same wood processing can be sawed, sliced, chiseled, tenon, nailed, etc; LVL has the characteristics of anti insect, corrosion, waterproof and fireproof, mainly due to the corresponding pretreatment or the use of special adhesive in the production process.

2、 The advantage of LVL plate is that LVL plate has good durability. Through the comparison in the use process, the damage of the adhesive layer is smaller than that of the finished material. The defects of the log itself are evenly distributed in the LVL, and the average performance is better than that of the finished wood; The creep property of LVL is good, which is based on the processed structural material.

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