Advantages of LVL forward sheet


Advantages of LVL forward sheet

1. LVL material can disperse and stagger the defects of log such as scab and crack, thus greatly reducing the influence on strength, making it stable in quality, uniform in strength and small in material variability;
2. The size can be adjusted at will, not affected by log shape and defects. The LVL product can be up to 4 meters in length and 300 mm in thickness. It can be cut and selected according to its own material condition. The utilization rate of raw materials is as high as 100%;
3. Like wood, LVL can be sawed, planed, chiseled, tenoned and nailed;
4. LVL has anti insect, anti-corrosion, fireproof and waterproof properties, mainly due to the corresponding pretreatment or the use of special adhesives in the production process;
5. LVL has strong seismic performance and shock absorption performance, and can resist the fatigue damage caused by periodic stress.
LVL products are mainly used in large export packing boxes, container skids, building formwork components, building beams, carriage boards, furniture, flooring, room decoration wood keel and packaging materials.

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